GreenGrape Solar is a premium solar equipment installer committed to making energy systems cleaner and more economical for households and businesses in the ACT

We offer a wide range of Solar PV modules, inverters and batteries at competitive prices to assist you with your energy transition. By choosing us as your installer, you can benefit from high quality solar panel installations that will consistently deliver unbeatable returns and unmatched payback periods. Our team of solar experts is known for delivering complete and customised energy solutions for its clients. We emphasize on empowering our clients by educating them about the industry standards, government financial incentives, products and prices so that they can make an informed decision going ahead.

Why choose solar energy in the ACT?

Switching to clean and green energy is much more than a smart long term investment, it is an “effective” way to eliminate solar carbon emissions. Getting a typical residential solar panel system is equivalent to planting over 100 trees!


According to Green Energy Markets, solar panel installations in the ACT increased by 130% in the first half of 2018, the largest growth rate in Australia. Although most places in Australia get enough sunlight to cover their energy requirements, the ACT is one of the best places to get solar installed.


Thanks to the Federal Government’s financial incentive scheme, the investment cost of going solar is no longer prohibitive. The incentive comes in the form of the “Small Technology Certificate” commonly referred to as “STC” which reduces the expense of getting solar panels installed considerably. GreenGrape Solar thrives on providing quality products at best rates in the market, to make the investment cost less of a worry for you.



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