Our story

GreenGrape Solar started as an advisory company, providing extensive assistance and support to households and businesses looking into switching to solar. We not only helped our clients get a better deal, saving them hundreds of dollars, but we also enabled them to factor in contingencies that retail solar companies often hide from their clients.


As we have seen both sides of the equation, we have a deep understanding of the gap that exists between what the customers want and what companies deliver. Slowly and steadily, our research team built on that, and eventually we started installing solar PV systems to serve our clients and community better.

What we offer?

  • Green Grape solar understands that getting solar is an investment that should last atleast 20-25 years,  which is why we only offer quality products that come with a product warranty of 10 years and performance warranty of 25 years.
  • Our contract is valid for one month, which means that in case we are unable to install your system within a month of you signing the contract, the contract becomes void, and you are free to get the system installed from anyone you want.
  • Apart from ensuring that our sales team does not overpromise, we ensure that our installation team delivers on what our sales team promises you.